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at long last!

i can’t say it’s not a semi janky setup – coating/shooting screens over at BYO Print, printing in the basement, washing out on my back patio with a hose attached to the kitchen sink and threaded thru the window.  but it works.

i finished my first screenprint in (i’m kind of embarrassed to admit) nearly 3 years!  it looks stiff and unfinished and i feel like i’d need 2 or 3 more layers in order to be truly satisfied, but as a first go of it i’m going to be satisfied.  it’s like a little ice breaker… clearing the path for better stuff to come.

here’s to printing much, much more very, very soon!

no wasted time

the definition of productivity is watercoloring on the train

trenton arts fest

Mark your calendars for May 19th ~ Paperpetual will be at the Trenton Ave Arts Festival in East Kensington, Philadelphia.  We’ll have prints and drawings and paintings for you to buy, and we’ll be sharing a booth with the lovely Jenna Allen who will have some beautiful jewelry and purses for you to peruse.

The Trenton Ave Arts Festival is super fun and super unique.  In addition to all the artisans and delicious food vendors lining the cobblestone-covered Trenton Avenue, the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby will also be taking place just a couple blocks away.  [If you're wondering what the heck a Kinectic Sculpture Derby entails, their website aptly describes "A Kinetic Sculpture is a human-powered vehicle that also has an artistic theme... parade floats on bicycles, mummers on hand crank driven pirate ships, an alien space ship on 2 welded togther bikes, zombie amish folks, a bar and bar stools on a bike, it's anything you can dream up."]

Hope to see you there!

will be up soon, aka

art takes time
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